Why Terrarium Team Building In Singapore Is Good For Your Mental Health

The coronavirus pandemic has led a majority of the world’s people to be confined within their homes. Being away from their loved ones, stuck in difficult home situations, burdened with financial troubles, and anxious about the pandemic, many people have come down with many mental health issues.

In such times, employers have turned to team building activities to increase morale and help their workers get back in touch with the outside environment as things have started to reopen. In all of this, Terrarium team building in Singapore has been one activity that has seen a massive rise in popularity. This has been owing to its unique status as an indoor activity that also involves plants.

Mental Health Issues During The Pandemic

There has been an increased incidence of mental health problems in the coronavirus pandemic and the quarantine that was practiced alongside it. This is a severe situation for people unable to seek help and can turn into something much worse without intervention.

Factors affecting mental health during COVID-19:

  • Isolation at home for all individuals
  • Being stuck with abusive partners, parents or siblings while at home
  • Financial problems because of pay cuts and increased workload
  • Anxiety related to the disease itself
  • Troubling incidents related to death and dying being heard every day
  • Cancellation of all enjoyable events such as concerts, movies, theme parks, etc.
  • Delay or cancellation of personal events such as weddings, birthday celebrations, etc.
  • Not being able to see loved ones

How Terrarium Team Building Activities Can Help

After living through over a year of isolation, employees will jump at any opportunity to safely enjoy themselves amid a pandemic that is still not completely over. This can be done by terrarium team building in Singapore, which allows individuals to come together in such a way that an increase in employee morale, productivity and sense of enjoyment is seen.

Ways In Which It Can Help 

  • Fosters a sense of belonging by bringing together a group of people to choose the container, soil, types of plants, and internal environment that they want for their terrarium.
  • Imbues a sense of achievement when a task such as building a terrarium is completed.
  • Gives employees time to enjoy among themselves and share their problems with each other while building their terrarium.
  • Allows employees to have fun while doing something productive.
  • Increases the aesthetic appeal of the employees’ workspace if the terrarium is placed there.

Terrarium Building and Mental Health

Studies have shown plants to be extremely beneficial for people suffering from mental health issues. This is because they not only provide a relaxing environment for the person having those mental health problems but also gives them a chance to be productive by curating and taking care of their plants.

Why Terrarium Building Is Good For Mental Health

While all team building activities are good for the employees, terrarium building has that special effect of also being soothing for people with frazzled nerves. Some of its mental health benefits are:

  • Allows employees to feel productive.
  • Allows them to decorate their space as they wish, which will give them pleasure in their workplace.
  • Increases opportunities for employees to socialize with their colleagues.
  • Plants have been shown to be extremely beneficial for benefiting mental health.
  • People scared of plants dying due to lack of care appreciate terrariums as they do not need a large amount of human effort to stay alive.

The takeaway

The takeaway is that companies who value the mental health of their employees will definitely carve out some space and time and enroll their employees into some terrarium-building activities.

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