Why Marketers Should Consider Instagram Story Ads

If digital marketing experts and social media agencies recommend Instagram story advertising and investment for your brand, it may seem strange to you at first. You may think that the stories are not watched or even memorable because they are deleted after a certain period. However, if you think so, you put your brand’s interactions and conversions at great risk. Because Instagram story advertising works get much more interaction and more watched than the ads of post posts. Moreover, it is possible to say that it is much more successful than post ads. The reason why it is such a successful and demanding application is that users who are constantly moving forward do not realize that they are watching the advertisements that they coincide between the stories. If you make enough attention-grabbing and entertaining videos, they’ll never pass without watching them.

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What is the Difference between Instagram Story Ads and Post Ads?

If you have done an Instagram story advertising work and you have seen that this work gives different performances than post posts. Users are more likely to watch in story ads. It focuses on delivering your message more effectively than a full-screen visual or video post measure. Users who see the movements and messages they will see on their screens during their story browsing will already watch your ads, as they are already focusing on the stories. Unlike post posts, posts are more result-oriented than posts because there are no confusing factors such as variable comments, comments, and likes. The important thing is to strengthen your Instagram story advertising works with sound, message, subtitle, or effects. Make sure to invite your users with a call to action,

An Important Recommendation for Instagram Stories Ads Setup

If you are going to start using the panel to advertise, we will have an important suggestion for you at this stage, make sure to include your story ads in these sets before publishing your ad sets. The reason for this is that the use of story ads as a separate module does not allow a target audience and budget optimization. For an effective Instagram story advertising work, publish ads by adding stories to your ad sets that have previously collected and performed target audiences. Thus, you will both catch the effective mass of the post posts and use your budget more securely.

Instagram Stories Ad Creation

Before preparing your designs, master the technical details about the subject of Instagram advertising. Instagram’s story features are limited to 14 seconds. If you are going to set up your ad as a set, you can complete it with a few designs consisting of 14-second images. If you want to advertise with a single video or image, be careful to limit it to 14 seconds, capture users between 8 and 15 seconds, and make advertisements that can be watched or even stopped and read. You should do some research and observe plenty of ad examples for this very important issue that will affect the performance of your ads. Remember, when you reach your target audience, you only have 14 seconds to impress them!

How to Use Images and Video for Successful Instagram Story Ads?

There are some tips for both Instagram story designs and traditional advertising designs that will help you evaluate your budget and target audience correctly. If you fail to show the right ad to the right target audience, you will not be able to get the conversions you want and you will not be able to use your advertising budget successfully. First, take care to be striking in your Instagram story advertising work. It will not be possible to take action with advertising that is not impressive enough. Try to attract attention by asking questions, creating excitement, and getting help from sounds and colors. If you are going to show a product, choose to use videos instead of just using a static image. If you are going to use a photo, make sure to turn it into a motion video and use eye-catching effects for the call to action. Scroll up effect, sounds,

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