What Are the Steps to Apply for a Canada Pr Visa

For different reasons, we seeking help from Canada pr consultant expert are what many professionals choose. The common cause for many to select Canada immigration consultants in Delhi is expert guidance on visa application, the tailored checklist, support for PNP programs, and searching for employment.

What are Canada’s most favored PR visa types in India?

The common types of permanent visas are:

  • Skilled Federal Worker
  • Provincial Program Appointees
  • Canadian Class of Experience
  • Quebec immigration
  • Atlantic Management
  • Skilled Federal Trade Class

What procedures should a Canada PR visa be taken?

The following steps will help you to apply for a permanent residency visa for Canada.

Step 1: Hire a Canada pr consultant.

  • The immigration counselor will lead you through the procedure.
  • Find out the program that is most suited to your talents and resources.

Step 2: WES certify your ECA.

Step 3: Appear or prepare for the IELTS before applying.

Step 4: Send an expression of interest to the program and submit it.

Step 5: Create your online profile in an Express Entry pool to monitor your status.

Step 6: Get ready for medical and police checks.

  • Begin to arrange your papers.
  • The papers will be requested.
  • Get ready with your money proof.

Step 7: Wait for a request or an ITA.

Step 8: After receipt of ITA, you have 60 days to apply for PR with all papers.

Pack your luggage to travel to Canada after you receive the PR Card!

What papers must you submit for a Canada PR visa?

  • Passport pictures in size
  • Credential Education Assessment
  • Certificate Medical
  • IELTS Recent Score
  • Letter of Provincial Appointment (optional)
  • Certificates of Police Clearance
  • Passport and papers for travel
  • Letter of work experience
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Offer your employment letter in Canada.
  • Authentic financial proof

How can you get PR visas through Canada Express Entry Consultants?

Canada immigration consultants in Delhi may assist you in numerous ways:

  • Help you to understand the best appropriate permanent resident program for you.
  • They assist you in preparing the relevant papers.
  • Tell you the minimal score for IELTS and how you may obtain it.
  • Help you establish a profile online.
  • Help you comprehend the concept of points.
  • Propose methods to improve your score
  • Provide services of resume writing
  • Help you to monitor the employment possibilities in Canada.
  • Settlement visa services in the new nation

With Canada immigration consultants in Delhi, you receive a case officer from the very first day until the day you obtain a visa.


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