Top 7 Successful Strategies for Strengthening Your Sales & Distribution

Top 7 Successful Strategies for Strengthening

Your Sales & Distribution

Sales play a crucial part in the success of your business; because this department drives revenue for your business. That is why it is crucial to have the best strategies in your sales and distribution process; to make more revenue.

The more revenue you make the success rate of your business is high, and you can focus on business expansion. The best CRM software that understands your business needs will help to achieve the goals quickly.

In this blog, we have compiled the top seven successful strategies which will strengthen your sales and distribution channels.

  1. Have control over existing customer base:

McGladrey of the National Association of Manufacturers conducted a survey wherein 60% of the respondents said that they concentrate on what they are already best at- selling to their existing customer base.  But most of the business owners underestimate the business the existing customer base can get because they think they have penetrated the market already.

It is a crucial part to have a good relationship with the existing customers because they will get repetitive business and spread a good word; about your products, if they are satisfied with it. As all the sales leaders know that it is easy to gain business from existing customers than penetrating a new one.

  1. Create an efficient persona in all the teams:

It is a myth that the persona is created by the presales team. Moreover, the sales team tends to ignore the benefits of creating an effective persona.  The entire team from right from presales, sales, and aftersales team are speaking to the same customer. All your teams must work together and create an effective persona to deliver a consistent message and benefit the organization.

The presales team will design an effective campaign to have a positive first image of the customer. The sales and the after-sales team should also be involved in the process to understand the inputs.

  1. Train the workforce on the product range and services:

The sales expert estimate that today most of the buyer journey sixty to eighty percent is completed by the customer even before speaking to your sales team. The consumer today has become more digitally aware, and all the information like product description, competitor analysis, reviews, and blogs are available on the internet. The customer is done with his research which is why your sales team should know everything about your products.  Before making the final decision, the customer would want to speak to someone who has answers to the questions; which he could not find online.

  1. Empowering the sales team:

Train your sales team to have an eminent digital presence to understand what the competitors are doing and what the customers are saying about your products.  You should also invest in a good training program so that they sharpen their skills and are quick to adapt to the changes. The sales team should be able to easily move from inbound to outbound, enrich their skills to customize their sales, sell according to the situation, consult the customer while pitching the product, and negotiate effectively.

  1. Healthy competition:

The business has external competitors which they need to be aware of and adapt to their techniques. Alongside as sales is a highly commercial process the business leaders should set healthy competition; in between the team. Healthy competition in the sales team and rewarding the top performers will encourage the sales employees to overachieve their goals.  Because when they see their colleagues performing will energize the bottom performers to perform.

When you want healthy competition in the sales reps, you should share their performance reports regularly to make them aware of where they stand in achieving their monthly targets. Businesses should keep ambitious KPI and KRA, which can be achievable and can roll out campaigns and keep monetary incentives once they overachieve them.

  1. Increase the overall productivity:

Not all salespeople have a desk job; many of them are always on the go to meet prospects and convert the leads. When the team is outside the office, it is difficult to track their productivity with traditional systems. When your teams are always on the go, you should implement cloud-based CRM software to track their productivity and ensure they quote the best prices.

  1. Competitive pricing and accurate forecasting:

Pricing plays a crucial role in the conversion numbers because many customers look for cheap competitive products with great quality and service. Before you change the pricing or set, it is crucial to study the market trends, inflation rate, competitor’s prices, and profit margins. When you make the price changes; ensure that your sales team; is aware of the price updates.

It is crucial to predict the number of sales based on past sales trends because you can keep your business ready to face any challenges. The best CRM software will track the previous data and analyze it to give you accurate predictions about future sales to keep the products; in stock.


There are many more factors that will strengthen your sales and distribution to make more revenue. But the strategies mentioned in this article will help you achieve your sales goals and increase your profit in the future.

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