Every online pharmacy must take advantage of social networks to increase its users. To be successful over time, it is important to educate and interest your followers constantly. Here are some tips in this article.

How To Set Up-An Educational Strategy On Social media

In this blog, we will address the importance of social media in an online pharmacy marketing strategy. In detail, we have described how it is essential today to preside over online channels such as Facebook and Instagram or how it can generate many commercial advantages by approaching social commerce.

In this article, we try to take a further step, that is, to understand the importance of an educational strategy on social media to help users to learn more about the online pharmacy and all the advantages it can guarantee.

First rule: build, build, build

Presiding over social networks does not mean opening your digital pharmacy page and posting some content from time to time. This strategy immediately turns out to be unsatisfactory.

In managing a social network, as the two most known to the general public, such as Facebook and Instagram, can be, the imperative is to build. To build it takes time, ideas and professionalism, because improvisation never brings results, not even in online pharmacy.

 What does it mean to build?

Simplifying, construction can be defined as a method to offer users continuous learning, based mainly on rules, models, and above all experiences. Hence, an online pharmacy can take advantage of other users’ positive experiences to strengthen the consideration of its brand or explain to users certain rules for using one product rather than another.

Within an educational strategy on social media, the building means sharing, telling, and telling about oneself.In short, to create a precise and authoritative identity.

Social, educational strategy: rewarding behaviors

Taking advantage of behaviorism can be a social, educational strategy for eShop pharmacy, a winning weapon. The CTA, or call to action, is the prime example. The basic idea is to ensure that a reward rewards the user’s action, a behavior.

Translating this into a pharmacy eCommerce strategy, we could think of a CTA that allows you to download an online pharmacy guide on properly taking food supplements or a vademecum on how to set the best daily routine for the face in the morning. In short, the ideas can be many; the important thing is that the user’s behavior is rightly rewarded.

Motivational approach? It can work!

In open contrast to the idea of ​​behaviorism, there is the motivational approach, a real weapon of persuasion available to the pharmacist of the future. This is perhaps the most impactful operational methodology in an educational strategy on social media, but which has been guaranteeing enormous results for years now.

 The motivational approach is based, as can be guessed, on people’s motivation. Why does a user look for a face serum on an eCommerce pharmacy? Probably to rejuvenate the skin. Why is a user looking for a draining supplement in an online pharmacy? Easily because you want to lose weight and excess fluids.

Advertising? Everything has changed with digital.

Before the advent of the Internet, advertising and commercial strategies for a business were well defined: billboards, brochures, advertisements in newspapers. Are these ways of approaching customers still useful? In part, yes, but the bulk is still related to online communication, whether it wants to involve users from another part of the world or whether you want to create a local marketing strategy.

Daily life example

Let’s try to give a small example: if a hypothetical user is on vacation in Rimini and has to look for an online pharmacy as close as possible to his position, how does he behave? Certainly, he neither chooses to leaf through the yellow pages nor even starts walking looking at the billboards.

On the contrary, he takes his smartphone and types for online pharmacy. The results will show the pharmacies closest to your location. In this case, the physical pharmacy or an e-pharmacy that has set up the best local marketing strategy will have a better chance of acquiring a new customer, why it is also so important for an eCommerce pharmacy. This means that the motivational approach could be the right pick to spark their social users’ interest and convince them to enter their online pharmacy.


When you open a digital pharmacy, the ultimate aspiration is to expand your range of customers. In particular, by intercepting consumers who purchase from completely distant geographical areas. But the online pharmacy is not only about the opportunity to broaden one’s sales horizons but also to strengthen the local brand. This is why one cannot separate a real online strategy from perfect local marketing.

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