Make Your Apartment Look Incredibly Trendy By Decorating It With Terrariums

Almost everyone loves plants. Especially with our lives that are mostly spent in a glass and chrome setting, greenery offers a welcome respite to our eyes. However, in the excessively expensive world of today, it is not possible for everyone to have a home with a back yard and a front yard, or even either of the two.

The greatest drawback of affordable housing is that it usually eliminates your plantation areas. Most of the urban population is living in areas that have been commercialized for the purpose of generating revenue. This further makes the living space more cramped and having a yard is mostly out of the question.

This can however be remedied to some extent. With the help of terrarium Singapore, you do not have to rely on an outside space to have a little patch of greenery or plant small vegetation’s that are easy to care for. Adding small and medium sized plants to your indoor environment in the form of terrariums is the most hip trend of 2020 and you need to jump on this bandwagon.

Plant Based Decor

Plant based decor is all the rage since the past couple of years. If you haven’t tried it yet, you need to add two (or ten) terrariums to your home and make the most of your living space. Terrariums purify the air of the environment they are placed in by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. This helps you relax better and being surrounded by plants has an incredibly soothing effect on the eyes and mind.

Selling Real Estate? Make More On Your Property By Adding Terrariums

Research has proven that when the human mind is in the vicinity of plants or greener of any kind, our stress levels reduce drastically. Not only that, our mind also releases chemicals, dopamine and serotonin, that are responsible for lifting the mood while also clearing your head with better quality of air due to constant detoxification and purification being carried out by the plants.

In addition to that, spaces that have greenery seem more open and airy, giving the person a feeling of freedom and positive energy. Clients coming to look at your property will fall in love with it immediately when the structure is decorated with plants.

Add Terrariums To Your House And Improve Your Quality Of Life

It has been scientifically proven that adding plants to your daily life, whether at home, in your office or just adding more green areas in your commute to and from work can have a drastic impact on your life. Not only does it detoxify your surroundings but also helps you be more calm and under control.

Where To Add Terrariums

Since terrariums are little enclosed gardens, you can use them to decorate your space. Whether it’s your home or office, adding miniature plants in glass jars look extremely enchanting and can add life to any boring area.

At Home:

There are many spots in every household that can use some decorative items, and what better to use for decoration than some greenery. The greatest benefit of using terrarium Singapore for the purpose of decoration is that they are easy and cheap to make and do not need fussy maintenance.

Terrariums can be used as a centerpiece for coffee tables, dining tables or side tables. You can also add them to your bookshelves to make them more appealing. Not only that, you can also select pretty colourful pebbles for the terrarium that will add to the decor.

In addition to that, terrariums can be added to the kitchen counter tops, breakfast tables and even next to the spice jars. This way the terrariums stay in your line of sight so you remember to care for them while also adding life to the corners of your house.

You can also add some color to your bathroom shelves and make them virtually odorless by adding plants in terrariums as they absorb carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. This way your bathrooms can be more refreshing.

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