How to Write an Essay Introduction

An introduction is the opening paragraph of an essay as well as an essential part of an essay. In this, you set up your contention and tell the reader what you are going to cover in the essay. There is no specific rule to write a good essay introduction, but there are some points which one should have to keep in mind before writing an introduction and get narrative essay help.

The other thing which we should know is that there is no fixed length of an introduction, but professional writers said that it should be 8% or 9% of your essay length. Apart from this do not forget to plan your introduction, take time to think about the topic, and then go ahead to write an appropriate introduction and organize the sentences in a correct manner. The main motive of your introduction is to:

  • eye-catching
  • background knowledge of the topic
  • present your thesis as the main attraction of your essay.

An introduction should cover these points.

  1. A general line (optional)
  2. Task response
  3. Thesis Statement

General line

It is the first sentence of an essay, and it sets the tone of the essay, so it is valuable to take the time to write a proper general line. A general line is not necessary for the introduction part, but if the topic creates a good general line, add it to your introduction.

For example: If you have to write an essay on the topic “pollution ” then you can write in the beginning that “pollution is an alarming problem nowadays in the entire world.” So this can be your general line; if you do not want to start your essay with a general line or your topic is not like that, you can make a general line then do not worry, leave it. Make an attractive hook line so that the reader is glued to your essay and spends more time to read it but avoid including lengthy sentences; otherwise, the reader gets bored, and they switch the reading.

Task Response

The next part you have to cover in your introduction is Task response. Your task response is your opinion about the topic you have given to writing. Here you have to give the background knowledge about the topic. If you want to write an essay on technology, you can compare the technology from present to past time, and this is your background knowledge about the technology. So it is important to give a relevant background of the topic like historical, geographical, or social context. After giving information, try to be on the main point of your essay. You can take different examples and anecdotes related to the topic and get business dissertation help.

Thesis Statement

In the thesis statement, you set up your argument and tell the reader what you think about the specific topic and your perception of the question. Here the reader gets an idea of what he or she is going to read in the further paragraphs.

For instance, If the question is “Watching videos or playing games on mobile phones is detrimental for children’s health.” Do you agree or disagree? . Hence in this case, you should answer the question that you strongly agree or disagree with the given statement, and the reasons behind my opinion will be discussed in the further paragraphs. So this can be your proper thesis if you told the reader what you are going to write in the next paragraph’s reasons to agree or disagree. Here you sum up your overall argument. It is the most important part of your introduction; it is not just a statement of fact but a claim that requires research and theories. In summary, your thesis should include:

  • Your specific topic
  • The main point about the topic
  • The points of discussion you will include in your paper.


Proofreading plays a key role in writing. If we just write the content and forget to revise it, then the reader will notice your mistakes, and it is a bad impression. So it is suggested that you do proofreading before posting your writing work. Edit your mistakes in order to avoid any disturbance for the reader as well as the writer. Note down those mistakes and try not to repeat them in the future to be a good writer. After filtering your mistakes, you will feel confident, and you are sure that your essay is flawless. Don’t take stress if you find any mistakes in your writing; remember, mistakes teach us many things; we learn many things from the mistakes and earn the experience, so learn from your mistakes and avoid them further.

Don’ts in introduction writing:

  • Don’t use phrases like ‘In this essay, I’m going to write about….’
  • Do not over-explain your topic in your introduction.
  • Do not distract from your topic. Stay focused on the essay title.
  • Do not overgeneralize about your topic. It would count as a negative point if you overthink the statement and add irrelevant ideas.

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