How To Solve QuickBooks Error Code OL 222?

QuickBooks Error Code OL-222 indicates that QuickBooks has no longer acquired a justifiable reaction from the server of your financial organization. A parsing error that occurred within the response of the server can be the primary purpose. That is regularly resulting from one or extra characters inside the. Qbo files that aren’t amenable to the Open monetary trade (OFX) general for buying and selling financial information with QuickBooks.

How can customers correctly deal with Intuit QB blunders message code OL-222?

These error messages are brought on because of a variety of reasons. The solutions to combat this are under-listed –

Solution 1: Replace the brand new launched model.

  • Replace your QuickBooks version with its modern launched one.
  • Again up the QuickBooks corporation report.
  • .Import the.Qbo document extension over again.

Solution 2: Accurate any invalid formatting.

QuickBooks banking error OL-222 is a usually confronted error that may be solved through those steps.

  • An example of invalid characters could be ‘&’. With the aid of properly editing the. Qbo document in textual content Edit and removing all times of this, QuickBooks can well import the record.
  • If there are any formatting issues, touch your economic organization for further help. The financial group itself presents the. Qbo reports download, and that they want to be made aware of the scenario.
  • QuickBooks follows a set of OFX guidelines as compounded by the OFX Consortium. If a positive monetary group doesn’t adhere to these suggestions, QuickBooks will now not be capable of import the considered necessary. Qbo document downloads and QuickBooks online banking errors OL-222 can also pop up.

Solution 3: download a brand new FIDIR.Txt record

A few QuickBooks customers can also experience QuickBooks blunders message OL-222 due to sure irregularities in the system. The following steps can provide a solution –

  • Word: Make a short backup of your employer document earlier than carrying out this answer and near out your QuickBooks HelpDesk.
  • Hold the manage key and select the model of QuickBooks you’re using to download the right document. Download QuickBooks for Mac(if using) and pick out download linked document As an option, then shop it to the laptop.

Flow the old FIDIR.Txt to the Trash Bin and empty it.

FIDR # 1

  • Press the option key and then go to the Finder menu bar, choose cross > Library.
  • Browse the download folder put up establishing the user’s Library folder.
  • Drag aforementioned FIDIR.Txt to the Trash Bin.
  • Empty the Trash Bin.

FIDR # 2

  • From the top menu bar, pick out move > applications.
  • Pick out the manipulate key after which pick out QuickBooks 20XX.
  • Inside the contextual menu, pick show package Contents.
  • Within the new window on the way to open, double-click on the Contents folder.
  • Open up the assets folder.
  • Find the “FIDIR.Txt” report and flow it to the Trash Bin.
  • Empty the Trash.
  • Copy and Paste the new FIDIR.Txt report that you have stored onto the computer into each of the assets and Downloads folders as described above.
  • Import the.Qbo record.

A way to restore QuickBooks blunders OL-222 in three easy steps?

QB error can frustrate you so much. But in this post, we’ll talk about how you may repair QuickBooks blunders OL-222 in three simple steps.

  • Routinely or manually replace the QB accounting software program to the brand new launch.
  • Restoration the issues with the ‘.QBO’ record formatting.
  • Reproduction the entire textual content from the FIDIR.Txt record and paste it into a brand new file, then delete the antique one.
  • Still unable to remedy QuickBooks error OL-222?


QuickBooks is a viable solution broadly used by small or mid-sized organizations and freelance professionals to fulfill their accounting desires. This mistake is frequently resulting from one or extra characters within the. Qbo files that aren’t amenable to the Open financial change (OFX) are trendy for buying and selling financial records with QuickBooks, inflicting QuickBooks error code message OL-222.

Blunders OL-222 suggests that QuickBooks isn’t getting a valid reaction from the monetary established order’s worker. QuickBooks errors OL-222 often takes place when the software determined at least one character in the ‘.QBO’ report that isn’t appropriate with the QB not able to confirm financial institution (OFX) layout for moving financial data with QuickBooks online banking error OL-222.

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