Effective ways to avoid diabetes complications

The moment we all hear anything about diabetes all of us get a little scared as it is a chronic disease that needs to be treated in several stages. And did you know? Diabetes is of three types:

– Type 1 occurs in a person under the age of 30

– Type 2 well this type occurs in a person around 40 years but it can be seen even in children

– Gestational Diabetes occurs mostly in pregnant females having high levels of blood glucose

But all three types of diabetes can be treated easily with the help of correct treatment and a slight change in lifestyle changes. Keep reading here we discuss some practical tips and tricks to avoid some serious Diabetic complications. Feel free for online Diabetologist consultation

Ensure that Blood pressure and cholesterol are under control

The individuals who have been determined to have diabetes may realize that controlling their glucose levels is significant that the more you hold the levels down the lower your risk of creating cardiovascular sickness and other medical issues.

Having diabetes puts one at a higher risk for growing elevated cholesterol and as you watch your glucose numbers, track your cholesterol numbers as well. Here are few tips to keep blood pressure and cholesterol under control:

– Eliminate trans fat

– Keep your body active

– Lose weight if you are overweight

– Cut back on sugar and refined carbohydrates

Quit Smoking and monitor your alcohol levels: 

Smoking increases your risk of a type of diabetes and the risk of various diabetes complications; each cigarette you smoke increases your blood pressure for a couple of minutes after you smoke. It likewise increases the risk of complications including:

– Heart disease

– Reduced blood flow

– Nerve damage

– Kidney disease

– Stroke

– Eye infections

Consumption of liquor can cause fluctuations in the blood glucose levels, which lead to a rise when consumed and then drops after a limited period.

You need to cut back on caffeine

Did you know? The impact of caffeine on every person is different. One needs to cut back on caffeine if one has diabetes or is struggling to control blood sugar levels as it becomes extremely important to limit the amount of caffeine in your diet. Instead of coffee, you can opt for Green tea in particular which helps lower type 2 diabetes risk because it’s rich in a substance called EGCG. But in this also you need to be careful about using sugar or honey in tea.

Pay attention to your feet 

The feet of a diabetic person needs an extreme level of care and protection as it is prone to nerve damage due to decreased blood flow and can also lead to pain, infections, and loss of sensation of the feet. Wounds cut and even blisters can cause severe infections. Here are some tips to protect your feet;

– Wear clean, dry socks and friendly footwear

– Cut nails carefully

– Don’t go barefoot anywhere, whether you’re inside or outside

Don’t miss out on Eye checkups 

Diabetes may likewise make long haul aggregated harm to the little veins in the retina, bringing about Diabetic Retinopathy which is one of the main causes of blindness. It is prescribed to have an expanded eye test once per year. Furthermore, if you deal with any issue with your vision, immediately contact your primary care physician to evade complexities. Here are some eye care tips for people with Diabetes:

– Get Annual Eye screenings

– Wear some shades

– Quit smoking

– Eat a healthy diet (Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Omega 3 fatty acids, Zinc, etc)

Maintain a healthy body weight 

Keep track of your weight regularly; if you’re overweight a slight change in your lifestyle can create benefits. Follow a sound eating regimen and stay fit and fine. Despite the fact, try not to depend on sugar-free things. Here we talk about specific tips to help you with practicing healthy food habits;

– Include green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, cabbage, and lettuce

– Nuts, for example, cashew nuts, almonds, pecans, and pistachios are useful for wellbeing.

– You can take low-fat milk, it’s stacked with calcium and Vitamin D

– And food with Omega 3 fatty acids

Consult the expert 

It is exhorted that you consult your doctor or a dietician and have a diet plan when you wind up as pre-diabetic. You should stick to the diet plan with commitment and ensure you get every one of your questions cleared identified with diabetes.

Get some information about the sugar substitutes and their impacts on the body because it will leave you in a better position to choose whether you need to settle on those or not. And a physician should be periodically consulted for checkups, better management, and prevention of diabetes.


Managing diabetes can be tedious and you are left with it for a lifetime. Some of the symptoms of diabetes are generally like minor medical conditions making it hard to analyze. I hope these tips are tricks that help you to avoid diabetic complications

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