Decoding the Ms Outlook Errors

Technology and technicality have become the foremost thing that we interact with every day and Microsoft Outlook is one among them. Sending and receiving messages, calendar management, contacts storage, and tracking of the tasks are the most common features that Outlook offers.

It enables your system and streamlines your processes conveniently. Sometimes, it misbehaves due to errors like 0x80070002, pii_email_d27ce59dbbab3d399dd3, and more.

Outlook doesn’t emphasize the reminding of the tasks that have never been generated in the system. However, if you are sending a mail and write words such as ‘attached’ or ‘attachment’ and try to send a file without actually attaching one, it will remind you to look back. These advanced solutions have become a crucial part of the technological world.

Most common errors in Microsoft Outlook

  1. Error 0x80070002

This error pops up due to PST (Personal Storage) corruption. In PST, Outlook stores and retains all mailbox files securely. Anyhow, if the associated PST with the current Outlook in your system gets corrupted, the users are most likely to encounter this error.

With the manual approach or the interference of third-party software, the users can resolve the PST corruption issues.

  1. Trouble in opening the default email folders

If you see the msncon.dll error, it signifies an issue with the Outlook Hotmail Connector add-in. It is a freeware tool that Microsoft offers to manage MSN (Microsoft Network), live, and Hotmail accounts with the use of Outlook.

  1. Sending Reported Error 0x8004210B

If you receive this error notification, it necessarily indicates that the remote server holding your Outlook emails can’t fetch the crucial information and instructions within a short time period. Eventually, users receive this error message that obstructs the email sending process.


Alternatively, invalid entries in the Windows registry, virus invasion, and installation errors might be some other causes of this error.

How to fix MS Outlook errors?

  1. Cookie and cache clearance

The software is mostly ravaged by the collection of clusters of unnecessary files in the system. It obstructs the hassle-free functioning of the work process. So, make sure you clear cookies frequently and remove unwanted files.

Close the MS outlook window and reopen after a few minutes to continue using the tool.

  1. Latest version installation

Most of the users consider the software installation as a call for error code. Denying the fact, the latest version of any tool instills the advanced properties to adapt to your working system. Ensure the compatibility of the updated version with your MS Outlook system to keep error-pops at bay.

Software updates don’t delete your existing files in the software. It doesn’t affect your data but upgrades the user experience.


The digitization of the world has led us to rely on tools and software to execute more efficiently. However, the malfunctioning of the software triggers our system thereby obligating the crucial processes. Error pop-ups are common in many software programs.

A few tricks and methodologies can help you mitigate the risks of damaging internal issues. Follow our above-mentioned instructions for more proficiency in the MS Outlook programs and eliminate pii_email_d27ce59dbbab3d399dd3 like errors.

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