Best Examples of Luxury You’ll See Only in Dubai

To be honest, when it comes to Dubai we start expecting luxury as the city is a perfect mix of traditional Islamic culture and modern architecture. Experience the luxury in Dubai and make the most of your holiday with Dubai tour packages. Read on to more about luxurious experiences in Dubai.

Witness the Amazing Bugatti Taxi: 

As we all are aware that Dubai is renowned for its luxurious excess. One can easily spot luxurious cars on the streets of Dubai more than on your social media feed during a sports car festival. And let yourself be carried away by the breathtaking performance and speed of Bugatti Taxi. Indulge yourself in pure luxury; be inspired, by the elegance and beauty of Dubai.

Spot Gold SUV in Dubai: 

It is impossible not to mention gold when talking about Dubai as two terms and interrelated and inseparable to a certain extent that a lot many cars in Dubai are gold-plated. You will see cars made of gold like:

– Lamborghinis

– Audi

– Rolls Royce.

– White Gold Mercedes SLR sports

– Gold Plated Nissan GT-R

So, be it any type; rose gold, gold coins, matt gold, or shimmering gold, the streets of Dubai has it all.

Take a private Yacht Cruise: 

Luxurious Yacht cruises are a perfect way to explore Dubai if you are someone who loves to spend a luxurious holiday. Created from your comfort and designed for pleasure a luxurious private yacht cruise promises a thrilling experience. Whether it is a gathering or a group outing one can never go wrong with exceptional yacht charter services in Dubai.

The Exceptional Palm Islands: 

It goes without saying and it is always believed that people from across the world desire a house on Palm Island not only because of its panoramic views but also because Palm Island has now become an icon of luxury and richness and it is visible from space. Exploring and witnessing the beauty of Palm Islands is on the bucket list of the majority of all travel enthusiasts as it is a combination of three artificial islands named Palm Jumeirah, Deira Island, and Palm Jebel Ali. So all I can say is the beauty, elegance, and luxury of Palm Jumeirah is worth visiting for all kinds of travelers. Some of the best and the most luxurious hotels on Palm Island are as below:

– Atlantis The Palm

– Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort

– Sofitel Dubai

– Jumeirah Zabeel Saray

The 1200 Dollar Cupcake 

On the off chance that you are accustomed to seeing gold vehicles gold souks in the city of Dubai, and it no longer makes your eyes pop out, this is impossible yet considers having a gold cupcake in Dubai. Visit Bloomsbury’s bistro in Dubai which sells cupcakes. It serves you with a varied variety of cupcakes made with ingredients like flour, spread, chocolate, vanilla beans, and edible gold sheet.

Gold I-Pad 

As we all know that the Dubai being the city of Skyscrapers draws the attention of visitors from around the globe. And Burj Al Arab is the most luxurious hotel of Dubai claims to provide its guests with some mind-boggling amenities like Gold I-pad; as per them, they provide it to the guests for their use during their stay at the hotel. These 24-carat gold I Pads are planned and produced by Gold &Co. In London, solely for Burj Al Arab. Guests can also buy:

– Mini iPad,

– Gold I-phone 5,

– And a gold blackberry Q10 also

Check out this outstanding tourist attraction with world-class luxury and make your holiday memorable on your trip to Dubai.

Gold ATMs 

Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace being quite possibly the most luxurious hotel in Dubai has a gold ATM situated in its hall. And if you wish to buy pure and fashionable gold with 24 carats, Gold ATM counters will allow you to purchase and it will give you a different shopping experience. And the ATM has been monitored fully by highly secured cameras. And there are 50 such machines around the world.

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Super Car Traffic Jams 

Traffic Jams are always boring but traffic Jams in Dubai never looked boring because of Supercar traffic Jam. Just imagine being surrounded by many excessively rich cars with some of them covered in gold, precious stones, gems, and so forth. Get ready to witness the crazy and mind-boggling supercar traffic jams only in Dubai.

Beautiful Skyscrapers 

As we all know that Dubai is home to the world’s tallest skyscrapers, huge shopping malls, gold souks and markets, and so much more. The constant emergence of the skyscrapers screams about Dubai’s flawless economy, luxury standards, and investment portfolio. Hence, these are the things that only Dubai can offer and afford.


So, wondering about where to travel this summer? Well, Dubai is the answer as it is loaded with a plethora of exotic, luxurious, and adventurous things to do and places to see. Hence, planning a holiday to this multi-cultural hub of joy will certainly be the best decision one will ever make.

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