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Health care and medical facilities are a very essential part of our lives and after covid, we have seen that emergency situations can arise anytime, so we need to be fully prepared. PCNOK was founded in the year 2008 and is dedicated to various health care services, dental and vision care.  PCNOK is a healthcare provider with community health centers spread throughout Oklahoma. The services majorly include dental care, vision, and mental health. These services can be enabled through online mode or by your health care provider. The whole network of PCNOK Primary Care Network of Oklahoma deals with over 500 healthcare providers across the whole country and the official website contains the list of eligible members. Teams of experts have joined hands in various healthcare aspects to provide best-in-class healthcare service at a low price.

Pcnok Quality over Price:

PCNOK Primary Care Network of Oklahoma is working over the quality of work rather than a money-minded policy. This network of PCNOK helps to collaborate with hospitals, clinics, and physicians. This network is broadly spread over 50 locations and gaining a lot of popularity due to the quality of work. PCNOK is already having 5000 members and over 50 staff members to provide you best healthcare services.

Growth edge:

The company is growing very fastly and reached over more than five million dollars in revenue besides the fact that PCNOK is offering a wide range of services at a very affordable cost. We have made our website where you can get urgent or preventive care. We are now operating over 50 locations with thousands of satisfied patients.

Dental and Vision:

We are committed to our client’s health and our mission is to provide the best dental and vision solutions. It becomes difficult to afford medical expenses at times for a person but this doesn’t mean he/she should be deprived of services considering the same we are providing low-cost dental and vision treatments with experienced professionals.

PCNOK Patient Care:

PCNOK Patient Care Network is one of the best where you can check out health care needs. You should always choose the best care provider as per your needs because health is wealth.

Insurance facility:

PCNOK is having tie-ups with the best medical insurance companies so that your pockets are never burdened due to your health. PCNOK is compatible with various medical insurance networks and accepts Medicaid and cash-pay. Our vision is to provide you best services at an affordable price and we are day & night working for it. In fact our PCNOK Patient Care Network is more than just a health insurance company.


So, basically, PCNOK is The Primary Care Network of Oklahoma PCNOK was formed in 2014 with a shared vision of working better together.  Acting as a Clinically Integrated Network, PCNOK works to advance the triple aim of health care reform toward better care, healthier people, and smarter spending.  The organization also supports mutual contracting interests such as group purchasing on behalf of its membership

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