All About Angularjs Security

Being a web application user, you might know the threats that a web application has to go through. There are various types of hacking risks that a web app user needs to prevent. If you are also a web app user and want the data on your web apps to be safe and free from threats then you need to use a protected system. Angularjs security system helps in ensuring that the web apps are safe and protected from hackers. This system helps in protecting web apps from the following attacks.

  • Cross-site scripting (XSS): there are various ways through which a hacker gets access to your system. You may not have the technical knowledge related to all these ways. We will explain you one by one. Out of all the hacking methods, cross-site scripting or XSS is the one. It is a commonly used method. The hacker will be putting side scripts in the system of a user. As soon as the side scripts enter the system of a user, the hacker gets access to the system of such a user and he can perform malicious acts from the system of the victim.

But if you have protected your system with Angularjs security system then your system and web apps will be protected in the following ways:

  • Sanitization: while doing programming, you should know that you should not be sending untrusted data to the compiler. Angularjs ensures that your system is not vulnerable to XSS attacks. Because this system helps in applying sanitization to the input and encoding to the output before they are transferred to DOM. Because this system assists in reducing the transfer of untrusted and unsecured data to the compiler. This security system automatically sanitizes the data before putting it in the DOM. There are mainly three functions I.e. SanitizeHTML, SnitizeStlye, and Sanitize URL function, all these three functions contribute to protecting the web apps from threats.
  • Implementation of content security policy: Content security policy or CSP can be called a standard that is to be applied to web applications that help the developers in making the trust policies. Angularjs in combination with CSP assists in preventing the attacks made through virus injections such as cross-site scripting.
  • Strict conceptual escaping: Strict conceptual escaping or SCE is another method used by an angularjs security system that helps in preventing XSS attacks.
  • Server-side XSS protection: This method decreases the probability of injections in the server to get access to data.

These are the methods of protecting web apps through the angularjs security system. It becomes very important to protect web apps because many companies using web apps have stored a lot of their important data on such web apps. If web apps are not secured then the hacker can easily get access to the confidential data of the company. Once they have access to such data, they can sell it to the opponent company or can cause reputational and financial loss to the victim company. Therefore, it becomes important for a company to protect its web apps.


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