Absolute Don’ts of Structured Cabling You Should Be Aware of

Network cabling is an absolute need of every field and sector of society in this advanced, technological era. Be it the health care sector, education sector, or general business organizations, the first necessity to ensure smooth operations is network cabling. Most of these organizations prefer structured cabling because of its numerous benefits and types; however, at times, it backfires.

The organizations hire amateurs to get the installation, who fail to do it properly. The result is they need frequent maintenance, which does not only add to their irritability but wastes time and resources. There a few absolute don’ts of structured cabling which are devised to ensure that the users get a quality service instead of being trapped in wrong practices and maintenance issues.

Keep scrolling down this article, and you will get your hands on the absolute don’ts of structured cabling you should be aware of in order to enjoy a hassle-free installation and service.

Top 7 Don’ts of Structured Cabling You Need to Watch Out

Human beings of the modern era are completely dependent on technological means and innovations, especially in progressive countries like the United Arab Emirates. Structured network cabling ensures their access to these technological means, and without proper cabling, they are completely crippled. So, it is important to watch out for the don’ts of structured cabling in order not to become crippled.

Here are the top don’ts of structured cabling you need to watch out for to enjoy better connectivity and fewer maintenance issues.

1.    Don’t Ignore Future Needs

The first and most important absolute don’t of structured cabling is ignoring the needs of the future. If you are setting up a new space or shifting to another space, taking care of future needs is inevitable. You cannot mend the cabling structure again and again to address new needs. Only the experts have the skills to provide future-proof solutions. This prompts most organizations to hire companies offering structured cabling in Dubai and get a proper futuristic cabling system.

2.    Don’t Use Different Voice and Data Cable

The next absolute don’t of structured cabling is the use of different cables for voice and data needs. Most of the users think that data needs more support and better speed, which requires better cable, while any ordinary cable can fulfill the voice need. So, they opt for different voice and data cables which is not appreciable at all, as it negatively impacts structured cabling and its quality.

3.    Don’t Lay Cables Parallel to Electric Cables

The next absolute don’t of structured cabling is laying the network cables parallel to the electric cables. The magnetic field generated by the electric cables can disturb the signal transferring rate and speed of the network cables, as well as cause distortion in signals. So, you should avoid this at all costs. If inevitable, you can opt for perpendicular laying instead of parallel installation.

4.    Don’t Install Cables near Noise

Another absolute don’t of structured cabling is installing the cables near noisy devices of fixtures. The magnetic interference caused even by the slightest noise can disturb the path of data signals. So, you have to be very careful in your installation, as ignoring such little details can make you face terrible issues, in addition to frequent, costly maintenance.

5.    Don’t Ignore Distance Limitation

One of the most critical absolute don’t of structured cabling is ignoring the distance limitation. The professionals and experts are well aware of the standards of distance limitation of various cabling systems and provide smooth installation. If you are not aware of the details, do not try to test your skills or even get amateur on board, as it will only add to your loss

6.    Don’t Prefer Long Patches

Long patches disturb the magnetic field of the signals and negatively impact their strength and speed. So, opting for the long patches is another absolute don’t of structured cabling. If some random installer is asking you to opt for long patches, do not pay any heed to him and contact the professional service providers to save your network from potential issues in the future.

7.    Don’t Overload Cable Tray

Lastly, the absolute don’t of structured cabling that you need to watch out for is overloading the cable tray. The cable tray is generally used to fix and lay the cables properly. If you overload it, it will negatively impact the path of signals. Get support from companies offering structured cabling companies in Dubai and let the experts plan your network instead of depending on amateurs only to earn a loss.

Comply with structured cabling don’ts to maximize your gains!

Paying heed to the don’ts of structured cabling is critical not only to enjoy the benefits of smooth connection but also to save your time and resources. Being not knowledgeable about technical details is nothing to get embarrassed about; however, trusting your installation to anyone is embarrassing and disadvantageous. So, get in touch with professionals now to ensure smooth connection settings and save up the cost of frequent maintenance.


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