A Tremendous Guide to Creative Packaging and Designs for Bottles

We are all well aware of the benefits that come with custom packaging. Custom packaging is usually sought out to ensure safety or add a sense of style. However, when you think about how much time and effort has been put into designing the perfect package for your product, it makes no sense to throw it in an envelope and hope for the best!

This blog post will explore some creative bottle boxes so you can find one that suits your needs perfectly. Bottles usually come in standard open and limited packaging styles. This blog will help people in bottles or drinks to impact the market and increase sales. Some products like cannabis oils are essential to be packed well to preserve their natural benefits and look fantastic on the shelves. These CBD products come in custom CBD packaging to get safety and attention.

What are our purposes for bottle packaging?

  • To protect the bottle inside from getting broken or damaged during shipment.
  • For marketing purposes (to get people’s attention and stand out).
  • To extend the life of products by adding an airtight seal when close.

Benefits of Good Packaging

For any liquid product, a custom-shaped bottle will be nice to add variety. These bottles can come in wide or tall rectangle shapes that would look good on shelves in stores. You may also have them made out of plastic or glass.

Hence, they are durable enough to travel with without breaking inside a customer’s bag, making your brand lose credibility among consumers. Plastic generally comes in clear color, while glass tends to be more colorful. When designing it from scratch, you get to leave the container transparent by using whatever colors you want, like blue, green, orange, etcetera.

Protection for Inside Product

Packaging is necessary when the product inside needs to be protected. In addition, a good package design can make a customer want to buy it more (even if they don’t need it).

This method works in two ways: making products that are being sold cheaper seem like better value or adding unnecessary features on things that would improve sales because of their novelty and perceived quality. Packages also allow for extra information about ingredients or manufacturing processes to be included in marketing materials.

Creative Bottle Boxes to Ensure Safety

CBD Oil Products come with custom CBD packaging, so safety measures will always be taken care of before shipping out. In addition, they have an airtight seal feature inside that keeps the content safe and looks fabulous on shelves.

Invest an Effort on Color Scheme

Choose the color scheme of your product wisely. It will make your product look more appealing to the customer. Choose colors that complement each other and have a cohesive style with your brand identity.

Be Clear and Simple

While designing your product packaging, you should never write too much about your product. Instead, use lesser words that elaborate perfectly on what the product is and what it does.

Simple products are more beautiful than others. For example, Apple corporation uses simple and yet elegant designs for their products. The same goes for bottle packaging. You should better use more clean-looking packaging for the product.

Be Honest

When it comes to the products they buy, consumers want simplicity without sacrificing quality. They do not mind a few tweaks and changes as long as those tweaks do not completely change how their product functions or its purpose. As designers of these products, our job is to make sure we represent them in the best light possible while also ensuring that customers get treated with respect!

30ml Bottle Packaging

These bottles usually come in glass and need more protection for damages during shipment. In addition, these bottles are small in size, so it is imperative to improve their looks to improve their sales. You can get customized 30ml bottle boxes to safeguard your product in a presentable way.

Custom CBD Packaging

This type of packaging is mainly for safety and should be made carefully. It needs to be designed to protect the product and doesn’t break because if the customer receives something broken, they will not buy from your site again. In addition, products that you pack inside these boxes need more protection because CBD contains naturally extracted juice for different purposes.

Tips when designing custom CBD packages:

Watch out for hard angles on edges (which can cause them to chip easily), protect fragile parts, keep labels safe by adding padding around them (this prevents label peeling). Be sure you’re using sturdy materials like Kraft or cardboard with protective lining – these are good choices!

Best Bottle Packaging for Shipping

Shipping bottles require more protection than others, so this section requires careful planning as well. In addition, certain stores are very picky on how products are shipped out of their store, so it’s essential to keep them happy by choosing eco-friendly and recyclable packaging just in case they want to take some preventative measures before you ship out. The best packaging for fragile items like oil bottles is given below.

1- Corrugated Boxes

These are the best option for bottles because they provide good protection and have much inside the room. In addition, corrugated boxes come with one flat side to make it easy to stack them up – which is incredible if you need some extra space in your small car or truck!

If there’s no other choice, then be sure to use packing tape over them before sealing the box shut. Please leave at least an inch between each layer so when liquid does leak out, it won’t seep through all layers and ruin everything below it.

Better use beanballs to fill out the extra space so that products don’t get damaged.

2- Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are used for premium bottles like expensive vine bottles that you want to ship overseas. While they may be a bit more costly to order, these boxes are worth it because of their excellent durability so that liquids won’t leak out.


You may not know it, but there are many ways to successfully package your bottles that will increase sales, from the type of bottle you choose and how it is designed to the artwork on its label or even what color goes inside.

Each decision can have a significant impact on how consumers view your product. This guide will help you a lot so you can make sure you’re giving yourself every possible advantage in reaching customers with your products. We’ll keep adding new tips as we learn more about what creative packaging works best for different types of items.
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